20+ Facts and Stats About Electric Cars in 2022
20+ Facts and Stats About Electric Cars in 2022

20+ Facts and Stats About Electric Cars in 2022

July 21, 2022

Nowadays, it seems that electric cars are all the rage. So it might be good to learn some essential facts about electric cars, how they work, and which are the most popular.

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Intriguing Facts About Electric Cars

  • The first-ever electric car was built in 1884 in the UK.
  • There are 10 million electric cars in use worldwide.
  • There’s a difference between hybrid and electric cars.
  • Tesla is the most popular electric vehicle manufacturer.
  • An electric car can utilize 80% of its battery power.
  • Electric cars are 10 to 25% heavier than conventional ones.
  • Hybrids produce 90% fewer pollutants than gasoline cars.
  • The UK has more electric charging stations than petrol stations.

The Rise of Electric Cars

Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular with each passing day. But do you know how long they’ve been around and how many are currently in use? 

#1 The first electric car was built in 1884


We like to think of electric cars as a new concept, but this is a common misconception. The first-ever electric car was designed in 1884 by the English inventor Thomas Parker, responsible for many other innovations across the UK.

#2 The first US electric car was unveiled in 1890


The American inventor, William Morrison, designed an electric car that was unveiled in 1890 and could move at 14mph and carry six people. But even though the first electric cars were used quite often, the invention of the gasoline engine and cheap gas prices threw electric cars out of use. 

#3 Sales of electric cars rose by 160% in 2021

(USA Today)

Electric cars are on the rise again. The total global sales of electric vehicles rose by 160% in H1 2021 compared to the sales at the same time as the previous year. 

#4 There are 10 million electric cars in use globally

(E-Vehicle Info)

The electric cars facts show that the total number of electric cars currently in use globally is 10 million—accounting for only 0.7% of the total number of cars. But this percentage is expected to increase to 7% by 2030

#5 There are 345,000 electric cars on UK roads

(Next Green Car)

The electric car market in the UK is growing rapidly. Statistics on car ownership in the UK reveal that 10.7% were plug-in vehicles—6.6% pure-electric and 4.1% plug-in hybrids. The number of electric cars in the UK is 345,000, with an additional 675,000 hybrid cars currently in use. 

#6 China is the world’s largest electric car market


In 2019, more than 1.2 million electric vehicles were sold in China, making it the largest electric car market globally. In addition, the country has more than 3.4 million battery electric vehicles (BEVs), accounting for 45% of all such vehicles worldwide. 

#7 Norway has the most significant number of electric cars per capita

(E-Vehicle Info)

Norway is a world leader in the number of electric cars per capita. The electric car’s information we gathered on Norwegian vehicles shows that 54% of all new cars in 2020 were completely battery–powered. With a population of just a little over 5 million, Norway has more than 100,000 electric cars—the highest electric car usage worldwide. 

Types of Electric Cars

Not all electric cars are the same. So before you put your hard-earned money into one, you should learn about the different types, the various models, and manufacturers. 

#8 There are three different types of electric vehicles

(Stunning Autos)

The more important facts about electric cars include the three different typesbattery electric vehicles (BEVs), plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs). 

#9 Electric and hybrid cars are different

(Renault Group)

An electric car doesn’t have a fuel tank or combustion engine. Instead, it has an electric motor and a battery that can only run on electricity. A hybrid car has either a petrol or diesel engine, in addition to a small electric motor and battery. Facts about hybrid and electric cars reveal that hybrids recycle kinetic energy and transform it into electricity, which is then used when driving the car in electric mode. Plug-ins can also be charged at charging stations. 

#10 Tesla is the most popular manufacturer of electric vehicles

(Stunning Autos)

Many car manufacturers began producing electric vehicles, but currently, Tesla is the most popular electric car maker, especially their Model 3 and Model X. Other popular electric car manufacturers include ToyotaChevrolet, and Nissan

#11 There are 19 different electric car models available on the market


Technology has come a long way from the first electric vehicle. As a result, there’s now a growing number of various models of electric cars at affordable prices. Currently, there are 19 different models available to consumers, provided by TeslaNissanKiaPorsche, and other manufacturers—with 18 additional models expected to be produced by next year. 

The Need-To-Knows

There’s much interest in electric cars these days, especially what they’re capable of. So we’ve listed the following need-to-knows for your consideration. 

#12 Electric vehicles utilize 80% of the battery’s energy


Electric car facts confirm that these vehicles are highly efficient for travel. For example, an electric car utilizes 80% of its battery’s energy to transfer power to the car compared to 14 to 26% of the energy from a gasoline-powered vehicle.

#13 Electric cars make noise via a fake sound speaker

(Res EV)

Compared to traditional cars, electric cars are far quieter, even soundless. But many countries—like some in the EU—require all newly-produced electric cars to have fake sound speakers to make them sound like gas-powered cars to warn pedestrians and cyclists that a vehicle is approaching. 

#14 An electric car is 10 to 25% heavier than a conventional car


Facts about electric cars vs gasoline cars reveal a surprising truth—an electric car is 10 to 25% heavier than a gas-powered one due to the size of its battery. This, however, is beneficial since an electric car needs more time to stop during braking, keeping the driver (and other occupants) much safer in case of a collision

#15 Electric cars don’t need oil changes or other maintenance


Cars that run solely on electricity don’t require oil changestransmission and brake fluid replacement, or coolants. As a result, these cars are easier to maintain, and upkeep costs are significantly lower. 

#16 Electric cars are faster than gasoline-powered cars


One of the cool facts about electric cars is that they are faster than cars that run on gasoline. The electric motor instantly generates 100% of available torque to transition from a stationary to an instantaneous speed.    

#17 You can charge an electric car to 80% in 30 minutes

(Renault Group)

Electric cars have three charging modes: slowfast, and accelerated. If you opt for the accelerated mode—with power levels of 43kW—you could charge the vehicle’s battery up to 80% in just 30 minutes

#18 Braking adds miles to the electric car’s range


Further information about electric cars reveals that electric cars have regenerative braking. Each time the driver steps on the brake, a small amount of electricity goes back into the battery, increasing the car’s driving range on a single charge. 

A Few More Electric Car Facts

Consider a few more interesting facts in this section about electric cars and their usage. 

#19 Hybrid cars produce 90% fewer pollutants than non-hybrid cars


Facts about electric cars and the environment have revealed that a hybrid car produces 90% fewer pollutants than a non-hybrid one. Therefore, the environmental impact of electric cars (and hybrids) is quite significant. In addition, a hybrid vehicle can save you 15 to 20% on fuel costs.

#20 It takes 300 smartphone batteries to build a single electric car battery


The process of repurposing old phones and computer batteries is known as urban mining. For example, if you collect 300 smartphones, you’ll have enough suitable material for an electric car battery. 

#21 Tesla is the most valuable car manufacturer globally

(Investor’s Business Daily)

Electric car facts show that Tesla is currently the world’s most valuable car manufacturer—despite the 21% decrease in stock prices on the current stock market. The company is presently valued at $1 trillion, far ahead of industry competitors. 

#22 There are more electric charging stations than petrol stations in the UK


One of the most interesting facts on cars we’ve found is that the UK has more electric car charging stations than petrol ones. There are more than 25,000 charging points in over 15,500 locations across the UK compared to 8,400 petrol stations

#23 Nearly all electric car owners said they would buy or lease an electric car again


One of the most important facts about electric cars is that owners are delighted with them. Some 96% of those who owned an electric car stated they would buy or lease another one in the future. An added plus is that electric cars are not likely to be stolen—you won’t find them on any list of the most commonly stolen cars

Wrap Up

The automotive industry is continually evolving, with electric cars as the future of transportation. Facts about electric cars reveal that these environmentally-friendly vehicles are becoming more widespread and affordable, with low upkeep costs. So it’s no wonder that the industry is leaning towards progressively producing more electric cars each day.

credits – https://review42.com/uk/resources/facts-about-electric-cars/

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