From the streets to the trails, the future of driving is electric. With fully electrified SUVs powered by innovative 4xe technologies, expected in the US in 2024, the Jeep:. Brand is utilizing 4xe Day to get the next generation of drivers ready for Zero Emission Freedom.

THE ELECTRIC SUV LINEUP This is the next evolution of Jeep® Brand vehicles, designed to help the future stewards of our natural world.

4xe IS THE NEW 4X4

The 4xe represents a new era of 4×4 capability for the Jeep® Brand, combining the renowned off-road prowess with modern electric technologies. When people think of Jeep, they envision the thrill of adventure and impressive 4×4 capabilities. With the 4xe models, Jeep takes it a step further by introducing electric powertrains that enhance off-road performance and efficiency. These innovative vehicles embrace the future of sustainable mobility while maintaining the legendary Jeep capability that enthusiasts know and love. The 4xe lineup showcases the brand’s commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering an electrifying off-road experience.

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