Steps to Install EV Charging Station on Your Fleet
Steps to Install EV Charging Station on Your Fleet

Steps to Install EV Charging Station on Your Fleet

September 17, 2022
Steps to Install EV Charging Station on Your Fleet

Everyone is adopting emission-free vehicles for its benefits. Why not convert your fleet to an EV fleet?

The EV fleet is the same as the fleet we have known since its inception. The difference is in the vehicles that the fleet has. Here, all vehicles are electric and are based on rechargeable batteries, for which you need an electric vehicle charging station in your fleet.

Setting up an EV fleet can be a huge task. However, we can help you set up an EV charging station on your fleet. Let’s begin with the steps.

Steps to install the EV charging station on your fleet

Here is the step-by-step process to install EV infrastructure on your fleet.

1. Understand your electric vehicles and chargers

Primarily, you must choose one of these three categories of electric vehicles for your fleet.

Heavy-Duty Electric Vehicles (HDEV)

These vehicles are designed exclusively for industrial and commercial use, including buses and trucks.

Medium-Duty Electric Vehicles (MDEV)

Vehicles used for short trips or deliveries are considered medium-duty electric vehicles.

Light-Duty Electric Vehicles (LDEV)

Most SUVs and Sedans are referred to as light-duty electric vehicles.

Once you have decided the type of electric vehicles your fleet will have, you must explore the types of chargers and plugs. How can you identify what kinds of chargers you need? The answer lies in the battery power of your vehicles and the time you have for charging. Lastly, you must also decide the number of chargers you will have on your fleet.

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2. The energy required for charging vehicles

You can determine the required energy for your EV fleet by considering the following factors.

  • The number of vehicles and type of batteries
  • The number of sessions each vehicle requires per day
  • Decide whether your vehicles will get charged at fleet only or they have an alternative to charge on the route

After verifying these factors, you may have the estimated energy required for your EV fleet. Now you need to choose one of the Three Options for Arranging Power for Your EV Charging Station.

  • Utilize an existing power connection
  • Arrange a new electricity connection
  • Install a captive renewable energy generation

3. Other power sources on the route

If you want your EVs to use other power sources like public EV charging stations, you should study their routes in detail. You can answer the following questions.

  • How many hours will the EV’s charging last?
  • Do all EVs have public charging stations on the route? If yes, do EV drivers have enough time to wait till their vehicles get charged at the public charging station?
  • Do EV drivers have the same route every day? If not, you need to study all the routes possible to avoid the range anxiety of EV drivers.

After answering all these questions, you must have understood the route. Hence, now you know the required energy for your fleet, and you can move further to the installation process.

4. EV charging station installation on your fleet

As the leading EV charging infrastructure company in India, we not only can guide you further from this step but also help you climb each step of installing a charging station on your fleet. Further, we shall examine your location and requirements and provide you with the finest solution for your fleet.

5. Charge Point Operator (CPO)

After installing an EV charging station, you need CPOs to manage your charging infrastructure. Here are the aspects for which you need CPOs.

  • For managing EV charging network connection
  • Manage the usage of EV charging
  • Maintain the EV charging software solutions


Electric vehicles are the future of transportation and logistics. EVs possess many benefits apart from being cost-effective solutions. Consequently, fleets will have to shift from fuel-based vehicles to electric vehicles. As the electric vehicle charging station company in India, we can help you install EV infrastructure on your fleet. Reach out to us for more details.

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